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Apple , a New Persepective to Change the World


Why you choose Apple?

Apple , which nearly went bankrupt before , is considered as one of the greatest innovation in nearly 2 decades. It continues to growth for even greater that can beat any competitors in the market. Nowadays, people prefer to use the user-friendly gadget and computer , which is can improve creativity and utility of the people task. Apple provide an unique combination of operating system and the hardware itself that created a high capability modern machine for human today. Utility , effectiveness, and design as the main core on every product.

Innovation of Apple

Apple definitely change the face of the world today. They create many product that change the perspective of how people use the technology itself. Macbook become one of the most successful product ever created by human , and iTunes become one of the most common store in the online market today. Apple created trends, not following the trends. They become the dominant design on every product they created. Now , the iPad has introduced an entirely new PC product line to the popular market. iPod and iTunes , which dramatically changed the music business and the way people interact with their music player.

Apple innovates through :

–          Creativity and Innovation

–          Innovation in Products

–          Innovation in Business Model

–          Innovation in Customer Experience

–          Innovation and Leadership

–          Steve Jobs

How we shapes the Marketing strategy

Almost all of the Apple product become the world’s best selling in the market. The sales is also improving every year. Millions of consumer are lining up to buy every product that newly launch.  If Apple can keep up its innovative product , it’s easy to be very generous about sales growth internationally. How about the marketing strategy? Apple know how the modern marketing it’s not about the advertisement, but it’s all about the product itself. They create great product that needed by the modern people , and the Marketing Millenials strategy is implement as the method to improve the brand and product sales. Brand management and differentiation strategy become the main weapon of Apple’s strategy. The strategy is a great successful , Apple increase net profit more than 650% in 8  years.

Apple must continue to improve the product for near future. Competitors know their position as not the top of the mind brand in the market. Apple must create a new product and new marketing strategy to maintain their growth. For now , we believe in Tim Cook , no more Steve Job’s legacy.



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